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Topic NameByDate
Action Output Parameters Usage (1085 Views)admin07/02/2014
Add Array in Object Dictionary (659 Views)admin07/02/2014
AITIK_QTP_Pass Variable from One Action To Another (630 Views)admin07/02/2014
Array to Store Multiple Data Type Values (2201 Views)Amit Kumar Shukla01/03/2014
Two Dimensional Array (9888 Views)Sumit Pillai01/03/2014
Display the subfolders of a folder (910 Views)Neeraj Kumar Pandey08/03/2014
Display the list of files in a folder (7011 Views)Neeraj Kumar Pandey08/03/2014
Code to display content of a text file and show error message if text file is empty (1059 Views)Neeraj Kumar Pandey08/03/2014
Create a text file write some lines and Copy it (1130 Views)Neeraj Kumar Pandey08/03/2014
Function to read data from a text file (6559 Views)Neeraj Kumar Pandey08/03/2014
Basic Excel operation Using Vbscript QTP Excel Connection (2100 Views)Sujit Nayak25/11/2014
Ways to Return values from Functions in vbScript and QTP (10062 Views)admin27/01/2015
Function Driven FW with Global Data Table (1036 Views)admin12/03/2016
Function Driven FW KW Driven FW with Local Data Sheet Approach (1029 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
DataTable Importing External Excel File in to Data Table and Iterating it (2097 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
KW Driven FW using Data table Approach (41687 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Basic Data Table Operation for Data Driven Test (1631 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Synchronization (1694 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Set Action Parameters (1524 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Adodb Data Base Connection for Excel and CSV (7458 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Data Dictionary Object (2148 Views)IT Prof12/03/2016
Descriptive Programming (2088 Views)IT Prof20/03/2016
All About WebTable Handling in QTP (4160 Views)IT Prof20/03/2016
All about Error Handling (2105 Views)IT Prof20/03/2016
Mouse Operation using Mercury Device Replay (4898 Views)admin15/04/2016
Generate Random Numbers (2106 Views)admin15/04/2016