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Function Driven FW KW Driven FW with Local Data Sheet Approach

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Contributed By IT Prof
Date 2016-03-12 07:23:40

'Tutorial: itprof_tut
'Example of Function Driven FW & KW Driven FW with Local Data Sheet Approach

sRowCount =  DataTable.GetSheet("Driver").GetRowCount

For i=1 to sRowCount
	'Reading values form Current Row
	sFncName = DataTable.Value("FunctionName","Driver")
	sRunFlag = DataTable.Value("RunFlag","Driver")
	sArg1 = DataTable.Value("Arg1","Driver")
	sArg2 = DataTable.Value("Arg2","Driver")
	sArg3 = DataTable.Value("Arg3","Driver")
	sArg4 = DataTable.Value("Arg4","Driver")
	sArg5 = DataTable.Value("Arg5","Driver")
	'Checking if Run Flag is Set
	If sRunFlag = "TRUE" Then
		Select Case sFncName
			Case "InvokeApp"
				Call InvokeApp(sArg1)
			Case "Login"
				Call Login(sArg1,sArg2)
			Case "NavigateToPage"
				Call NavigateToPage(sArg1)
		End Select
		DataTable.Value("Result","Driver") = "Executed"
		Reporter.ReportEvent micDone,"KW Skipped", sFncName
		DataTable.Value("Result","Driver") = "Not Executed"
	End If

	'Setting the next row


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