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KW Driven FW using Data table Approach

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Contributed By IT Prof
Date 2016-03-12 07:28:54

'Tutorial: itprof_tut
'Description: Example of KW Test FW
'Author: Akash
'Company: IT Professional Academy
'Details: TC list will be maintained in the MetaData file. All test cases marked as True will Run.
' 			Each row in Meta Data Sheet corresponds to a TC, with the same name in the work book.
'			All the KW in the TC will Execute.

'Create a File with the Name: MetaDataAndTCFile
' Create MetaData Sheet with Schema as Below:
'TC1        TRUE
'TC2        TRUE
'TC3        FALSE

' Create Each TC sheet with Schema as below:
'FunctionName	RunFlag	Arg1	                        Arg2	Arg3	Arg4	Arg5	Result
'InvokeApp	       TRUE	
'Login	              TRUE	  john	                           demo
'NavigateToPage	TRUE	Open New Account 	
'Fnc2	              FALSE		

Dim sFilePath, sSrcSheetName, sMainSheetName
sFilePath = "C:\QTPStuff\QTPTrainingCode\DataSheet\MetaDataAndTCFile.xls"
sFilePath_Export = "C:\QTPStuff\QTPTrainingCode\DataSheet\MetaDataAndTCFile_Export.xls"
sMainSheetName = "MetaData"

'Import Excel File

DataTable.ImportSheet sFilePath,"MetaData","MetaData"
DataTable.ImportSheet sFilePath,"TC1","TC1"
DataTable.ImportSheet sFilePath,"TC2","TC2"
DataTable.ImportSheet sFilePath,"TC3","TC3"
DataTable.ImportSheet sFilePath,"TC4","TC4"

'Delete Unwanted Sheet

'Get Row Count
sRowCount_MetaData =  DataTable.GetSheet("MetaData").GetRowCount
For i=1 to sRowCount_MetaData
	sTC_ID =DataTable.Value("TC_ID",sMainSheetName)
	sRunFlag = DataTable.Value("RunFlag",sMainSheetName)
	If Cbool(sRunFlag)  Then
		Reporter.ReportEvent micDone, "Running TC:"&sTC_ID,"TC Started"
		Call RunTestCase(sTC_ID)
		DataTable.Value("Result",sMainSheetName) = "Executed"
		Reporter.ReportEvent micDone,"TC Skipped:"&sTC_ID,"TC Skipped"
		DataTable.Value("Result",sMainSheetName) = "Not Executed"
	End If


'Export Data File

'Funtion to Execute KW present inside TC
Function RunTestCase(sTCName)
   Dim sRowCount_TC, i
   Dim sFncName, sRunFlag, sArg1, sArg2, sArg3, sArg4, sArg5

	'Get the Row Count
	sRowCount_TC=  DataTable.GetSheet(sTCName).GetRowCount

	'Iterating KWs in the TC
	For i=1 to sRowCount_TC
		'Reading values form Current Row
		sFncName = DataTable.Value("FunctionName",sTCName)
		sRunFlag = DataTable.Value("RunFlag",sTCName)
		sArg1 = DataTable.Value("Arg1",sTCName)
		sArg2 = DataTable.Value("Arg2",sTCName)
		sArg3 = DataTable.Value("Arg3",sTCName)
		sArg4 = DataTable.Value("Arg4",sTCName)
		sArg5 = DataTable.Value("Arg5",sTCName)
		Reporter.ReportEvent micDone,"Running KW "&sFncName& " .For TC" & sTCName,""
		'Checking if Run Flag is Set
		If Cbool(sRunFlag) Then
			Select Case sFncName
				Case "InvokeApp"
					Call InvokeApp(sArg1)
				Case "Login"
					Call Login(sArg1,sArg2)
				Case "NavigateToPage"
					Call NavigateToPage(sArg1)
			End Select
			DataTable.Value("Result",sTCName) = "Executed"
			Reporter.ReportEvent micDone,"KW Skipped", sFncName
			DataTable.Value("Result",sTCName) = "Not Executed"
		End If
		'Setting the next row

End Function

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