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Preventing System computer from Locking Down Keep system Awake

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Contributed By admin
Date 2014-07-14 02:29:25

' Scoll Lock key do not have any significant 'function. It could be pressed every 20 seconds 'to stop system from Locking Down
Set obj = CreateObject("")

For i =0 to 10000000

  WScript.Sleep 20000 ' time in milisecond


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Updated by Heisen at 2016-02-20 14:37:23
First, thank you for a neat sripct.It seems like your sripct suceccfully connects to the first node (specified in the machinelist.txt file), the second node reports CouldNotConnectToWMI and the third node is not even mentioned in the output CSV.Thankful for all help.Regards,Dan
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