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Array Sorting Using Dot Net Factory

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Contributed By admin
Date 2014-09-16 02:52:31

'Advantage of using this is no addition
'code is to be written or no need to care 
'about which sorting algorithm to use
'Very efficient way to Sort an Array

'Use of ArrayList to Sort Array using Dot Net 
'Factory Class
'Pre-Requisite: Dot Net Framework should be 
'Class name: "System.Collections.ArrayList"
'MSDN Reference Link:
Dim oDotNetFactArray, Temp1
Set oDotNetFactArray = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList")

' Whenever a New Item is added, it gets added as the last Element

'THis code will not work in VBA Excel macro

For Each Temp1 In oDotNetFactArray
    MsgBox Temp1

'A -> G -> H -> X ->Y

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