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Use of Cascade Description

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Contributed By admin
Date 2014-12-26 02:16:08

'There are 8 tables on the page. 
'Each table have 10 similar links. Each link 
'in all the tables have same html id as "xyz_link_new". 
'That is, there are 80 links with absolutely similar
'properties. (8 Table* 10 links = 80).
'Each table also has the same html id as "xyz_table_new".
'Write a QTP script to click on 4 th link in 4th table.

'I call this double cascade Description since 
'two descriptions are to be created and one 
'description is used inside another.

Dim oTableChild,i,oChildObj,odescTable,odescLink

'Create Desc for table as all tables has
'the same description
Set odescTable = description.Create

'Create Desc for Link as all links has
'the same description
Set odescLink = description.Create
odescTable("html tag").Value = "Table"
odesctable("htmltag").value = "xyz_table_new"

odescLink("micclass").Value = "Link"
odesclink("htmltag").value = "xyz_link_new"

'Getting all the Table Child Object
Set oTableChild = browser("name:=.*").page("title:=.*").ChildObjects(odescTable)

'Getting all the link child object
'but only which are present under
'specified child table object i.e. 4
set oChildObj = oTableChild(3).ChildObjects(odescLink)

'Clickin on the 4th Link Contained in 4th Table

File Link:
download file.
it will be saved in txt format.
open the file in notepad.
Clik on save as .
Select "all files" in the drop down.
rename the file and with.html extension 
a new file will be created.
Open the File in IE to run the Code from QTP.;topic=34.0;attach=1

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Updated by Akash Tyagi at 2014-12-26 13:37:02
cascade description example
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