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Option Explicit In Execute Statement

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Contributed By admin
Date 2015-01-26 11:56:22

Option Explicit
Dim thisVar
thisVar = 10
'The following assignment produces 
'a run time error because 
'the variable ‘thisInt ‘ is not 
'declared and Option Explicit is used.
thisInt = 10 ' causes ERROR

'Variable used inside “execute” statement:
Option Explicit
Dim var1, var2, Sum
var1 = 1
var2 = 2
sum = var1 +var2
'even though temp is not declared, 
'no error will be generated
Execute "temp = Sum"
Execute "msgbox(temp)" 'Output as 3

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Updated by Kyron at 2016-02-20 15:03:30
First, thank you for a neat sirpct.It seems like your sirpct suceccfully connects to the first node (specified in the machinelist.txt file), the second node reports CouldNotConnectToWMI and the third node is not even mentioned in the output CSV.Thankful for all help.Regards,Dan

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