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All About WebTable Handling in QTP

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Contributed By IT Prof
Date 2016-03-20 01:03:22

'Tutorial: itprof_tut
'Detail: Code to perform Basic and Advanced Web table Operations
'Author: Akash

'1. Row Count and Column Count
' In column count column number sshould be mentioned
' as different row can have different columns in HTML Web table implementation
sClmCnt = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").ColumnCount(1)
sRowCnt = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").RowCount
sTemp = 0

'2. To Add Amount Column Values
For i=1 to sRowCnt-1
	sTemp = Split(Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").GetCellData(i+1,4),"$")(1) + sTemp
msgbox "$"&sTemp

'3. To get Row Number of the Cell based on Cell Text
Print Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").GetRowWithCellText("Stationary")

'4. Traverse  Web Table cell by cell
For i= 1 to sRowCnt
	For j=1 to sClmCnt
		sTemp =  (Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").GetCellData(i,j)) & "," & sTemp

'5. Child Item Method Usage
Set obj = Browser("Multiple Object with same").Page("Multiple Object with same").WebTable("Ref. No.").ChildItem(6,5,"WebEdit",0)
obj.Set "$5000"

'Function to set amount and coment in which user has issue
'using GetRowWithCellText and ChilItem
FncSetEditBoxValues "Broad band","5000","Correct Amount"
FncSetEditBoxValues "Books","5000","Correct Amount"

Function FncSetEditBoxValues(sRefNum,sAmnt,sComment)
	sRow =  Browser("Browser").Page("Page").WebTable("TransactionTable").GetRowWithCellText(sRefNum)
	Set oWebEdit_Amnt = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").ChildItem(sRow,5,"WebEdit",0)
	Set oWebEdit_Cmnt = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").ChildItem(sRow,5,"WebEdit",1)
	oWebEdit_Amnt.Set sAmnt
	oWebEdit_Cmnt.Set sComment
End Function

'6. Read all cell values in a row, concatnate each value of that row
'and set it comments section of corresponding row
sRowCount = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").RowCount
sClmCount = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").ColumnCount(1)

For i=2 to sRowCount
	temp = ""

	 For j=1 to sClmCount-1
		temp = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").GetCellData(i,j)
	Set oChildItem = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").ChildItem(i,5,"WebEdit",1)
	oChildItem.Set temp

'7. Using Child Objects in Web table
Set oDesc = Description.Create
oDesc("micClass").value = "WebEdit"

Set oChild = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").ChildObjects(oDesc)
For i=1 to oChild.Count
	temp = Browser("title:=.*Multiple.*").Page("title:=.*Multiple.*").WebTable("html id:=tg-8nE6U").GetCellData(i,2)
	oChild(i-1).Set i

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